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01 January 2006

Welcome to Kent's Imperative

Welcome, dear readers, to Kent's Imperative.

This blog chronicles ongoing research in the art & science of intelligence analysis and a number of related fields. It is part of an informal and unofficial effort which has emerged in response to the call by Sherman Kent, the father of modern intelligence profession, to develop a "literature of intelligence" to advance the profession and its unique tradecraft.

For those that would like to learn more about Sherman Kent and his role in history, please see the excellent paper at http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/Kent_Papers/vol1no5.htm. This paper, originally authored by Jack Davis under the auspices of the recently created CIA University, should also help to understand why sustaining this literature is truly an imperative for practicing intelligence professionals.

Please note that this blog is not affiliated in any way with the Sherman Kent school, CIA, DOD, or any other US government entity; and consists solely of research, analysis and working notes drawn from unclassified open sources. This blog is intended solely for the personal and academic research and discussion of the profession of intelligence from a number of different perspectives and practice areas.

No classified information will be discussed in this forum at any time, and the authors and moderators reserve the right to delete any comments or any other information which may contain classified, unclassified but sensitive, or any other information which may in any way be perceived as having the potential to harm national security, ongoing operations, sources, or methods.