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04 February 2006

Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst College

There are only a few major academic institutions which concentrate in Intelligence Studies. Among the oldest outside of government service is Mercyhurst College's Research / Intelligence Analysis Program, now known simply as the Institute for Intelligence Studies. We will likely have much to say about this program in the future, as it in many ways is a model for the pursuit of the profession outside of the relatively narrow confines of the military or government environments.

For now, a few links from out of the program which may help offer insight into the interests and struggles of the profession, at least from a collegiate perspective.

First, the blog of a study group dedicated to the collaborative online discussion of the psychology of intelligence analysis and recent related literature. This of course is sparked by the famous treatise by R Heuer of the same title, but also by several papers which emerged out the Mitre Intelligence Analysis conference of the past summer.

Second, the work by Professor Kristan Wheaton in exploring a new technology, Squidoo, as a tool for analytical collaboration and focus. A demonstrator site can be found here.

And lastly, for the record and for those who have never encountered the program before, the Wikipedia entry discussing the school and its efforts.