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15 February 2006

New challenge for crypto types

Bruce Schneier has a new cryptogram up on his site as a challenge for all the cryppies out there.... there is some dispute as to its origin, but the backstory is that is allegedly was a note found at the site of a murder / suicide in Feb 2004.

For the rest of the world that isn't inclined towards homegrown codebreaking efforts, this is as good a time as any to bring up again that most wonderful of sculpture pieces, the Kryptos sculpture. While your authors are not normally art fans for the most part, this piece is truly captivating on multiple levels - as was its companion installation art piece, the Cyrillic Projector.
If only there were a larger range of such intelligence oddities as these two latter pieces. But then again, its a very specialized market segment, and part of the appeal is that such things cannot be mass produced.