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24 February 2006

Shots heard around the world's markets

The analysts predicted it. The pundits debated it. The enemy plotted it.

But in the end, it all came down to those on the sharp end: on a sleepy Friday afternoon, the day of prayer, the matter was decided. This time.

On such mundane things as the under-trained and poorly educated low wage earning guards and cops the fate of the world hinges. Certainly, the fate of oil markets and worldwide energy security.

The reaction to this event will determine potential future of strategic types of terrorist targeting through conventional attack methodologies. John Robb of Global Guerillas has spent some time laying out these options, but to date its validation in the enemy’s actions is uncertain.

Given consensus-based targeting approaches that are currently evolving within the enemy’s networks, particularly by self-affiliating ideological threat entities, it may be enough that such attacks can occur to ensure that follow-on attempts will be made.