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01 November 2006

Google adds Wiki to the Blog

Google’s latest acquisition of JotSpot adds a premium hosted wiki service to its existing offerings for blogging services / integrated word processing and lightweight online publishing.

One of the more interesting comments observed in the blogsphere regarding this acquisition was first noted over at O’Reilly Radar:

"I have to wonder if there's some internal debate at Google about wikis. It always seems to me that Wikipedia's mission overlaps directly with Google's, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," even though the technologies they use to get there are very different. I wonder if Google has the same discussion about Wikipedia that O'Reilly sometimes has about Google, that their real competition is from Wikipedia and not Yahoo or Microsoft."

We tend to pay very close attention when a publisher speaks about competition in the information business….

In this light, we wonder what the eventual effects of the once again cited Intellipedia will be for internal competition within the intelligence community. While this is by no means an open market, there are certainly market dynamics at work; and many traditional “leaders” among the various agencies and shops may find their voices no longer as dominant for the informed consumer as other decentralized options become available, offering more organic and more compelling support.