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16 November 2006

The lure of the Parallel World

IBM is investing heavily in the early stages of the technologies and communities which are driving the evolution of the Parallel World.

First, it bought an island of its own.

Now, it is sending its CEO as a representative, coincidentally making history - of a sort,

All too soon this will be old news, as more and more the traditional world will begin to play with the persistent instantiation of its virtual mirror in much the same manner the classic hyperlinked text environments evolved.

But for the moment, it is a fascinating thing to watch the giant of old iron transform itself into the newest webstate. In the virtual world, affiliations such as IBM is creating around itself will likely have more meaning than most other tribal variants, not only because the bigger guns bring more resources to play, but because that scale of commitment offers the potential for a very wide range of strange interests to accrete around a core attractor.

Against this backdrop, we take note of the social, political, and economic upheaval in the world in question, which not coincidentally mirrors a range of real world legal issues that increasingly define the rulesets for the Parallel World in ways other than the technologists’ traditional law of the code.