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06 April 2007

Sidebar updates

We would like to call the reader's attention (given the volume of RSS subscriptions these days) to the updated sidebar, now featuring quite a few more fine institutions, thinkers, and publications - some of which may, but many of which may not be familiar to our visitors. We will be continuing to add to the selection of our favourites for a little while to come, if only because we value it is as an outboard brain to aggregate important links for our little skunkworks.

In some ways, we have been remiss in our situational awareness efforts these days, and have failed to properly call attention to the some of the new minds and new literature in the field. We will be seeking to remedy this shortly.

While we have our disagreements with the typical approaches of current intel studies academic establishments in the ivory tower; there are new faces and players that may be changing traditional dynamics in the near future. We can only hope - stagnation is death, particularly in the Long War, as our enemies continue to rapidly evolve in ways that demand ever greater imagination, creativity, and drive from the community.