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13 May 2007

Visitor statistics changes

Since its inception, Kent’s Imperative has used a freeware online software service to keep track of basic usage statistics at the aggregate level. This has allowed us to have some feedback on the growing success of the site in attracting and retaining a high level of readership with interest in the art and science of intelligence.

However, we have recently become aware of a controversy regarding that online service’s use of the aggregate data (across all sites using that service, not just ours). Apparently, the service provider has begun to use persistent cookies in a manner that we find potentially objectionable.

For this reason, we have discontinued use of that service as of today, and are now obtaining the same aggregate level usage statistics from Google Analytics. Since Google hosts Kent’s Imperative through its Blogger service, they already have far greater levels of data regarding this site and its readership, and since they are a large publicly traded corporate entity, we believe there is a much lower chance of any objectionable use of that data in the future.

Users should notice no changes to the site.