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25 June 2007

Thinking in the dark

You’d figure after having been expeditionary so often in the Long War, the intelligence community would have figured out how to avoid sitting around with Tikkas and Surefires in a blacked-out vault. Because grease pencil sure beats geospatial visualization displays....

And physical discomfort should be nothing, given that there are fighting men and women suffering in the heat, freezing in the mountains, or rotting in the jungles elsewhere. Why, the austerity campaign is really about solidarity – not about a failing infrastructure that cannot even keep a consistent environment for the machinery (people, as always being barely an afterthought.)

This is not the first time the issue has been raised, along with all of the other problems caused by the excessive push to build more, right here, right now, and fast that have come to light. If our scorn comes through, it is because of the absolute lack of vision displayed at so many levels of senior management within the community. For a culture in which warning is enshrined as such a key mission, we seem to do very badly at forecasting our own internal I&W problem sets – and even worse at heeding those that might have been concerned.

Well, there are a whole lot of civil affairs and reconstruction staff which would no doubt be very happy to come back and spend a little time adding capacity to a nice wooded location in Maryland. It sure beats yet another well, power line, or generator out in the Gap. That is, unless something else catches fire….

If nothing else, information assurance is made easier under such conditions. A box that is turned off entirely cannot be compromised…

Update: New link for the new Haft of the Spear site. Also, more at Former Spook.

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