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15 February 2006

Released HARMONY documents....

The ever invaluable Counterterrorism Blog points to the following West Point study "Harmony and Disharmony Exploiting Al Qaeda's Organizational Vulnerabilities" which is compromised of released Al Qaeda documents from the HARMONY database.

In short, it is a stunning declassification move to see such material released for open examination. It is even more critical as it offers a rare public window into the correspondence and workings of the primary adversary in this Long War, a first and most useful step to help understand their activities.

This is one of the finest analysis for current information operations perspective that the authors have yet seen in the open source. We are devouring it as this is being written, and recommend highly its review - not least of which because it offers both English and Arabic versions of the original source documents for deeper study.

This should be an immediate teaching text. Many thanks to those over a CT blog which pointed it out to us.; and of course to the USMA for conducting this research in the first place.