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01 March 2006

Best. Intel Gig. EVER….

Disney is hiring for intelligence roles.

Their focus appears to be on threat issues. If the position stays aligned with this intent, it could be quite probably be one of the best intel gigs your authors have ever heard of. As long as there is no mission creep into, say, Innocent Images type investigations or far worse, brand protection issues.

Especially brand protection. Your authors would be very reluctant to attempt to earn a living through the arbitrage of dying industries and the technologies which are killing them - or at least mutating them in unavoidably radical ways. This is the essential failure of the online industry’s brand protection and rights management providers and those that would seek them as solutions. It is easier to take a paycheck and do what reinforces the status quo than to build what is new. The difference though is one between a week’s pay and true equity.

This may also be why Disney’s Imagineers have reportedly been suffering in recent years. Once, they were very close to the ideal model for creativity and innovation unbounded by conventional constraints. (Those days still may have much to teach an intelligence community suffering, in former DCI Woolsey’s words, from the “failure of imagination.)

(Via BoingBoing, no doubt because of Cory Doctorow’s obsession with all things related to the Mouse; and Defense Tech…)