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07 November 2006

There is no cube

Spare us from one more compression. Admit no set designers to create the ultimate tour experience for those consumers who prefer intelligence pornography. Get us out of the fishbowl. Lock the door on the kennels and cut the wire on the cages. Forget entirely about hotdesking and hotelling; and make sure there’s a conference room available when we need one – not another set of “huddle rooms” or “convergence points” minus the cone of silence.

Instead, get some real designers and some real architects together and really spend some time thinking about how to make a better workplace for analysts and officers. Particularly for those who spend more than 12 hours a day in their vaults.

Here are some ideas to get them started… not that these are what we are looking for, just someplace to begin to think about the problem.

Oh, and no more imported ideas of faux grandeur stolen from a condemned dictators’ sycophantic toadies. One set of palaces in a lifetime is more than enough, at least for an American service.