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19 November 2006

Wrong model, wrong outcomes – another lesson

If this is the state of current educational reform, we as a profession will be sorely pressed for new intellectuals in the next generation.

Aside from the Hipster PDA and the training of analysts to work inside the hermetic vault without their electronic toys, I can think of few things less relevant to the future learning environment than penmanship.

This is the height of the state monopolies of the 19th century model grasping at the very essence of objectives counter to need. It is ample proof of the theories by John Gatto describing modern educational organizations and their perverse development.

Not coincidentally, the same dynamics were described by futurist and author Bruce Sterling when examining the future potential for students destined to become knowledge workers in an economy in which their jobs had not even yet been conceived, much less standardized to fit into an education system.

Few things matter more to national survival over the course of generations, and particularly in generations at war, than the development of a society’s children.

What’s next – issuing buggy whips to driver’s ed classes?