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26 April 2007

Paging Mark Bowden

There’s no doubt an entire book to be written regarding the saga of missing former FBI Special Agent Robert Levinson, who vanished from Kish Island, Iran – and who has become the center of a fascinating nexus of political entanglements, illicit markets, totalitarian state power ministries (who, not coincidentally, also are designated as terrorist sponsors), and corporate security / brand protection concerns.

Stratfor has an excellent summary of open source information on the case to date. (Warning - Link is to their transient free weekly sample page, otherwise the article will have to be found in their paid archives.)

While we are not given to indulging in conspiracy theories, this is certainly one incident in which the back story is likely to be even more interesting than what is already known. It is not for us to write, however, but there is definitely room for an aggressive journalist / researcher with a flair for the sweep of history and insight into the personalities of individuals. We look forward to reading that publication someday - and hopefully also to be able to use the example in a case study method session.

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