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23 May 2007

Another broken oath

Our eternal enmity towards leakers and their enablers in the media is well known. Recent events, no matter what the truth (or lack thereof) behind any given set of allegations, have once again proven that the media can do immense harm to national security – whether or not they have been given real information or not.

We would second Tigerhawk’s statement: “Frankly, I just want our spies to keep our secrets and not subvert the policies of our elected officials.”

Being better versed in the distinctions within the world of espionage, we expect nothing from the spies – the recruited agents whose lives are written in treachery – but we expect the highest standards from the intelligence officers and analysts who are the professionals of our community. We have seen too often the terrible cost when those standards are not met.

This sort of politicization of intelligence, and the breaking of trust by those entrusted with the awesome responsibilities of the community, is beyond the pale. It is only when the culture within the community ostracizes the leakers, both through formal sanction and informal shunning, that these most insidious of betrayals will cease.

We also note an interesting perspective on the very real and immediate difficulties created by timed, politically motivated leaks at another very new, and likewise rather quiet blog (that happens to have a beautiful layout): The World is Grey, Jack.