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25 June 2007

Imaginary interfaces

One of the pervasive commonalities in the intel business is the constant desire for the often entirely mundane realities of the daily grind to somehow be made to match their more popular, and far more attractive, Hollywood counterparts. Thus the famous set design of one major new Center, and the subtle influence in a million other ways in countless offices around the community.

Whatever we might feel about the practical utility of such efforts, there is an undeniable political and morale benefit to being able to show of cool looking toys to the newcomers and the oversight people.

So for our money, if this trend is to continue, the next time we have to commission the design of a human computer interface, we would like very much to include Mark Coleran in the process. His work has graced numerous sci-fi and high tech film scenes over the years, and is well worth the price of admission.

Now if only visualization tools can catch up….

h/t Information Aesthetics