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02 March 2006

Coping with email overload

Those that actually have the "luxury" of email in the community (unlike certain federal agents of our acquaintance … cough, cough) know full well the issues of inbox saturation and attention overload. The following new blog attempts to examine ways to tackle the issue, using new technologies and new life hacks.

Our lives as always are more complicated by the addition of a number of incompatible and air-gapped networks, and the ofttimes total lack of control over our information environments and toolsets imposed by security, obsolesce, or bad policies within community organizations. These factors impose marginal costs on the performance of analysts and operators which only compound over time. As the design philosophies of the outside world begin to shift to accommodate ideas such as presented by the dedicated life hackers and their kind, it is going to be a struggle to keep up if these issues are not reconsidered.