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01 December 2006

Seeing is believing

Somehow we have been remiss in not taking note of a fascinating effort on the R&D front that happens to be conducted for the most part in the public realm. A rare thing, this, especially given that it seems to be producing a series of new approaches to visualization tasks for intelligence analysis – and possibly even a new set of tools (and we like new toys….). Although it appears there are a number of the old vendors, and old thinkers, still haunting about hawking their wares; there is some genuine potential on the horizon.

And they even wrote a book as their manifesto and goal path. The last time we saw an effort like that came with the Network Centric Warfare folks under the late Adm. Cebrowski. (Although we are not too sure about the movie, but hey, this is the age of Gootube, right?)

Likewise, who knows what potential this new effort may spark down the road? We wish them the best of luck (and the discernment to sort the recycled repackaged chaff from the truly new and visionary.)

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