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16 May 2007

Sic transit gloria mundi

Further to our recent emphasis on the history of intelligence, we thank Belmont Club for bringing a fascinating blog post regarding pre-Islamic power politics and military history in the Middle East.

Since the Islamic period, previous regional history has largely been ignored as simply falling within the jahiliya – the time of ignorance. Unfortunately, this dismisses a fascinating and valuable period of multi-polar interactions occurring in a geography, and cultural context, which remains of critical importance to the modern world. The failure to encourage a more holistic exploration of the period is one of the great failings of the current Middle East studies establishment.

We are grateful to the author at Moor Next Door for shedding more light on the period. We would be extremely happy if some young scholar in the intelligence studies academia would spend the effort to likewise illuminate other intelligence history in the Byzantine and Persian periods in the Middle East.

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