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04 March 2006

The sound of our will breaking

The sound of our will breaking is an evil hiss.

Our enemies have multiplied, sensing weakness and seeking opportunity. Erstwhile allies seek to blunt our strength, and those within wail their endless distractions in pursuit of attention.

The hiss shall ring in our ears when our capabilities are at last stretched far beyond their breaking point, when we have no more assets to commit to the far shores of distant theatres because of bad procurement decisions or misplaced budgetary priorities or lack of industrial and personnel base. When we have once again managed to hamstring any effective measures to combat our enemies at home or abroad in the fears of worst-case scenarios in some far distant frame of mind. When we have given over the primary responsibility for defending our interests to the lawyers and lobbyists and other species of un-elected political creatures.

The hiss will be that of gas escaping in a crowded building or subway system, invisible and lethal; or the stunning silence after the explosion which has ruptured our eardrums. It will accompany the static blanketing our airwaves after the electromagnetic pulse has burned them out as the mushroom cloud rises in the background. It will signifying the relentless accumulation of deadly radiation in the wake of a primitive dispersal device. It will echo in the silent fall of ash accumulating in the streets, containing everything from concrete dust to human remains.

The most committed wins, as the old saying goes. In a time of politicization, in the days of confusion and noise, we cannot allow ourselves to forget or to suffer distraction. The enemy believes, and if we dare not confront those beliefs we will find ourselves upon a brink from which we cannot return. If we dare not act, we will be lost.